Managing Your Online Reputation: Why "Search" and "Social" Matter

    March 20, 2012
    Harvard Faculty Club

    Reputation management is a major component of online life, as anyone who has ever searched for oneself or a colleague can attest. Traffic from search engines and social media are key drivers of the need for identity and online profile management. As time spent on social networks grows (an estimated 17% of all U.S. time spent online in the U.S. is spent on Facebook) propagating content through these channels becomes increasingly important to ensure reach, even for specialized audiences.

    This session showcased the experiences of current Harvard faculty including Alyssa Goodman, Gary King, and Mikolaj Jan Piskorski, who addressed ways in which academics can maximize online exposure for themselves and their scholarly work. It offers practical guidance on managing online reputation, including the nuts and bolts of how to review and manage public web profiles, and a look at emerging trends and some lesser known tools and platforms.


    • Introductions
      Judith Singer, James Bryant Conant Professor of Education and Senior Vice Provost for Faculty Development and Diversity
    • Practical Pointers and Cool Tools
      Perry Hewitt, Chief Digital Officer
    • Faculty Panel: Academic Uses of Social Network Tools
      Moderated by Perry Hewitt with Professors Alyssa Goodman, Gary King, and Misiek Piskorski

    Alyssa Goodman
    Alyssa Goodman is Professor of Astronomy at Harvard University, and a Research Associate of the Smithsonian Institution. She was co-founder and Director of the Harvard Initiative in Innovative Computing. Goodman received her undergraduate degree in Physics from MIT in 1984 and a Ph.D. in Physics from Harvard in 1989. She held a President's Fellowship at the University of California at Berkeley from 1989-92, after which she took up a post as Assistant Professor of Astronomy at Harvard. In 1997, she received the Newton Lacy Pierce Prize from the American Astronomical Society for her work on interstellar matter and became full professor at Harvard in 1999. She served as Chair of the Astronomy Section of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in 2008. In 2010, she joined the Science/AAAS Online Advisory Committee, established to “understand the ways scientists in the field, the lab, and the classroom are using the Web and networked information to further their work and careers.”

    Gary King
    Gary King is the Albert J. Weatherhead III University Professor at Harvard University, based in the Department of Government (in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences). He also serves as Director of the Institute for Quantitative Social Science. King and his research group develop and apply empirical methods in many areas of social science research, focusing on innovations that span the range from statistical theory to practical application.

    Mikolaj Jan Piskorski
    MikoĊ‚aj Jan Piskorski, who often goes by Misiek, is an Associate Professor of Business Administration and Richard Hodgson Fellow in the Strategy Unit at the Harvard Business School. Professor Piskorski's current research examines how firms can harness the power of social networks together with innovative organizational designs to build and implement sustainable strategies. He is also an expert on why and how people use on-line social networks, both in the US and abroad, and how firms can use them to increase viral product adoption. He has also applied many of these insights to large organizations as they seek to become more agile and use social networks to execute their strategies. Misiek’s previous research examined the role of social networks in the venture capital industry.

    Perry Hewitt
    Perry Hewitt is Harvard’s Chief Digital Officer and an established leader in digital marketing communications, with deep experience in both corporate and not-for-profit sectors. Her background includes both established business and marketing strategy, and expertise in digital and social innovation and management. Perry is charged with the university’s efforts to develop a comprehensive digital presence across the internet, as well as to bring content, multimedia, and technology best practices to enhance the university’s websites and applications. Perry has held significant digital marketing, editorial, and client services roles at firms including Crimson Hexagon, Razorfish, ArsDigita, Harcourt Online, and Lotus Development Corporation.