FD&D Annual Reports


    The Office of Faculty Development and Diversity (FD&D) guides Harvard University's institutional policies in areas of faculty affairs, including faculty growth and diversity across all Schools. The Office does this through the review and analysis of faculty appointments, evaluation and implementation of University-wide programs as outlined in the 2005 Women's Task Forces' recommendations, and adoption of successful strategies for faculty affairs in higher education. In addition, the Office provides advocacy to improve the climate for women and underrepresented racial/ethnic groups, as well as intellectual leadership within the University on issues related to diversity.

    At the unit level, FD&D seeks to help create, implement, and evaluate programs and initiatives that will support and develop the faculty overall, and particularly towards the aspiration of faculty diversity. FD&D provides leadership, staff, technical assistance, financial start-up capital, support, advocacy and guidance for new policies, practices, and innovations.

    The Office of FD&D is committed to creating a sense of mutual obligation for progress in these arenas within the Schools, with buy-in from Deans, University FD&D Committee representatives, department chairs, search committee chairs, and Faculty Affairs colleagues throughout the University. Annual reporting on the progress made throughout the University is invaluable for promoting our shared accountability.