Since its inception in 2005, the Office of Faculty Development & Diversity (FD&D) has worked to keep issues related to developing and maintaining a diverse and excellent faculty at the center of every strategic conversation and decision-making process regarding Harvard University priorities.

    The Diversity section of the FD&D website provides access to reports that describe the demographic composition of Harvard’s faculty, detailed faculty profiles, resources for women and minority faculty, and information regarding diversity at peer institutions.

    As Harvard University engages in the issues of an increasingly globalized society, we recognize the important ongoing work that remains to be done to advance the scholarship of faculty who bring diverse perspectives to the academy. As Harvard University President Drew Faust has said, “We are committed to attracting the most able and creative community of scholars in the world, and pursuing new knowledge and ideas with all the imagination and rigor we can summon.”

    As a research university with this mission, we remain mindful that our faculty development and diversity efforts at Harvard must encompass policies and practices aimed at addressing the very real needs of 21st century scholars. While we have made some progress in attracting a much broader talent pool that reflects the diversity of our students, we need to continue to broaden our understanding of how we recruit and retain the best faculty. We must also leverage institutional resources to ensure that we provide faculty with the necessary tools to thrive in a highly complex and decentralized environment.

    Harvard University is committed to pursuing the benefits of diversity among its faculty because these brilliant scholars are absolutely essential in keeping the institution become productive, creative, competitive, and successful in its mission to train the next generation of leaders in all fields of endeavor.

    There continues to be underrepresentation of U.S. ethnic and racial minorities in our faculty, including African Americans, Hispanic/Latinos, Native Americans and in certain disciplines, Asian/Asian Americans. The needs of our U.S. ethnic and racial minority groups must be understood in more nuanced contexts, taking into account the diversity of experiences and histories that different sub-groups within these categories have faced for generations. More importantly, we need to ensure that we carefully consider how minority faculty have experienced the academy, and the unique challenges they have faced.

    The Office of Faculty Development & Diversity (FD&D) is committed to understanding the past gains, present status, and future prospects of these diverse faculty. Moreover, in acknowledging the unique issues faced by minority faculty, we will work closely with departments, schools, and other entities across Harvard Univeristy to develop programs and activities aimed at addressing these issues and concerns.