Faculty Scholarship

    Various faculties at Harvard have recently begun to self-archive their scholarly articles and other works in a central open access repository called DASH, for Digital Access to Scholarship at Harvard. DASH, still in beta, is actively under development, and faculty members are encouraged to participate, particularly if they belong to one of the four schools at Harvard – the Faculty of Arts & Sciences, the Law School, the Graduate School of Education, and the Kennedy School of Government, whose faculty members have formally committed to self-archive the journal articles they prepare for publication. Please see the website of the Office for Scholarly Communication for more information about Harvard’s open access policies and the DASH repository.

    HMScholar complements DASH as the Countway Library's repository for Harvard Medical School, Harvard School of Dental Medicine, and Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health faculty and researcher publications.

    The Dataverse Network (DVN) is a repository for sharing, discovering and citing research data. IQSS created DVN and continues to lead research and development in this effort. Harvard currently hosts two Dataverse Networks: http://dvn.iq.harvard.edu/ for social science data and http://theastrodata.org/ for astronomy data. Learn more about DVN at http://thedata.org.