William F. Milton Fund

    The William F. Milton Fund, established in 1924, is one of the oldest existing bequests made to Harvard University. An interfaculty advisory Milton Fund Committee assists in the allocation of Milton Fund income. This Committee administers the funds to facilitate new approaches, initiate new projects, and in particular, assist eligible early career faculty members in establishing their research programs.

    Click here to visit the William F. Milton Fund site to view the terms and conditions and application.

    To be eligible, at the time of submission, applicants must

    • Be tenure-track faculty at or above the Assistant Professor (or equivalent) or above (these titles may vary among schools), or Junior Fellows of the Harvard Society of Fellows.
    • Propose investigations of a (1) medical, (2) geographical, (3) historical, or (4) scientific nature.
    • Propose investigation conforming to one of the following:
      • research the interest of, or for promoting, the physical and material welfare and prosperity of the human race (rather than its spiritual, intellectual, or aesthetic welfare);
      • research to assist in the discovery and perfecting of any special means of alleviating or curing human disease; or
      • research to investigate and determine the value or importance of any discovery or invention.
    • Not have more than $200,000 of direct costs in sponsored programs as PIs at the time of application. This amount excludes applicant’s salary and fringe benefits.

    Ineligible for funding are: instructors, postdoctoral fellows, residents, those with pending and/or "anticipated" promotions in their academic appointment status, and anyone who has received a Milton Fund Grant within the previous five years.

    The application and guidelines can be found at: http://hlcra.harvard.edu/finding-funding/internal-funding-opportunities/william-f-milton-fund/

    For more information please contact Milton Fund coordinator Alberto Ottoboni.