Teaching and Advising

    Harvard University is committed to helping faculty develop the professional skills needed to teach and advise students at all levels of the academic pipeline. Teaching and advising are critical, highly valued aspects of a faculty member’s contribution to the life of this University.

    This section of the website is devoted to the numerous resources across the University designed to assist faculty in fulfilling their teaching and advising responsibilities.

    The Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning is an exemplary model for helping faculty become more fully informed about innovative pedagogies, and state-of-the-art teaching assessments and evaluation approaches, to address the interests and needs of a diverse student population. Instructors may also find the Advising Programs Office useful, as it provides resources for advising students about course selection, career opportunities, and counseling services. In addition, the undergraduate Education in Life Sciences Program maintains a website with multimedia resources for instructors, including videos of lectures delivered at Life Sciences events.

    As faculty members engage in teaching and advising students in the 21st century, the University resources described in this site can be looked to for ideas and practices to help faculty better understand how best to integrate teaching and advising into their responsibilities at Harvard University.