Child Care

    Harvard University believes that access to affordable, high-quality child care is essential to successful faculty performance. As a major regional employer and as a world-class institution, the University is committed to investing meaningful resources towards, and demonstrating executive leadership, in solving the child care challenges of its faculty and staff.

    Harvard University's Office of Work/Life (in Cambridge), the Harvard University Longwood Campus Office of Work/Life Liaison provide information and expert referral to address concerns ranging from workplace stress to caring for a young child. These offices also maintain a child care website that serves as a resource for Harvard affiliates looking for information on center-based care, family day-care, in-home care, school/vacation summer camps, and regional public and private schools. The WATCH Portal connects parents and caregivers within the Harvard community.

    The offices are staffed with work/family specialists who work in concert with affiliated child care, eldercare, and social service providers. If you do not yet have a Harvard I.D., you may contact the Cambridge Office by phoning (617) 495-4100, or you may email the office at The Cambridge Office is located on 124 Mt. Auburn Street, Cambridge, MA 02138. You may email the LMA Work/Life Liaison or call at 617-432-7448. That office is located at 90 Smith Street in Suite 141. Up-to-date information regarding Harvard's work-life benefits is available through the HARVie website. If you are not already a Harvard faculty member, you will be able to access this website once your appointment is complete and you have a Harvard identification number.

    In addition to the resources available through HARVie, the Office of Faculty Development & Diversity (FD&D) administers two programs that specifically assist Faculty with child care responsibilities.

    Child Care Summit: Future Directions

    This video was produced in conjunction with the Child Care Summit, sponsored by the Joint Committee on the Status of Women at Harvard and held in January 2011. The summit's goals was to heighten the awareness of child care needs in the work environment, with a particular focus on the Harvard Longwood Campus, and to promote thoughtful discussion by identifying both critical needs and possible solutions. This summit provided an impetus for developing a set of workable recommendations for the future. This video set the stage for discussion by highlighting individual stories and common themes around child care challenges.